Historical Background of National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries Research, New Bussa, Niger State

Brief background

National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries Research, New Bussa, was set up in 1968 as “The Kainji Lake Research Project” by the Federal Government of Nigeria with assistance from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was the executing agency while the then Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources represented the Federal Government.

By 1975, FAO experts had formally withdrawn their participation and qualified Nigerians took over the mantle of leadership of what came to be known as Kainji Lake Research Institute.

At the initial stage, the mandate of the Institute was to carryout multidisciplinary activities on the Kainji and other man-made lakes in Nigeria in the following areas:-

Fisheries, Wildlife, Agriculture, Limnology, Public Health, Sociology, Economics and Range Management with the objective of making the research results available for the development of the country.

In 1987 the mandate changed to mono-commodity and research activities were centred in the following areas of Freshwater Fisheries and other Aquatic Resources such as:-

  1. Genetic improvement of freshwater fishes and other aquatic resources in rivers and lakes (natural and man-made).
  2. The abundance and distribution of freshwater fishes and other aquatic resources.
  3. Hydrological behaviour of natural and man-made lakes.
  4. Limnology of surface and ground water around natural and man-made lakes.
  5. Rational exploitation and utilization of freshwater aquatic resources.
  6. Ecological and socio-economic effects of the development of man-made lakes.
  7. Aquaculture;
  8. Any other matters related to a-g above.

The Institute shall also:

  1. carry out extension research liaison with Federal and State Ministries, primary producers, industries and other users of research results on matters of freshwater fisheries and other aquatic resources in collaboration with AERLS:
  2. provide technical and vocational training in Freshwater Fisheries and related fields leading to the award of National Diploma;
  3. provide laboratory and other technical services to fish farmers, industry and others concerned with freshwater fisheries problems;
  4. in carrying out this mandate, collaborate with all other relevant Research Institutes and Organizations

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